Dining Cabinets And Entertainment Unit

Koala and Tree is offering various types of dining cabinets to make your home beautiful and enhance interiors. The company has wide range of dining cabinets, including Firenza, Rhythm, and teakwood cabinets, carved dining wagon, designer dining wagon, four door wardrobes, and many more.

Rhythm: This dining cabinet is mainly designed to offer stylish storage and modern elegance to dining area. The compact designs of cabinet are perfect combination for small dining spaces. It has three drawers, two storage cabinet and it is available in black and white colors.

Firenza: Firenza dining cabinet looks very beautiful and remarkable for any type of occasion. It will offer you a stylish decoration to your home. It has two drawers and two storage cabinet.

Teakwood Cabinet: This cabinet is usually made by exclusive hand carved teakwood. The different ethnic and contemporary designs add value in it and make it perfect for dining area surface. The teakwood cabinets are polished by metallic golden color to enhance its look.

Carved Dining Wagon: Koala and Tree is also offering their customer’s a carved dining wagon cabinet, which can be use for keeping television sets. White pearl polishes are used in the portions. This is available in various colors, because it has coated by several types of color including Gray, Gold, etc.

Entertainment unit

Koala and Tree is offering several entertainment units for your living and dining area. Entertainment units help in enhancing decoration of home and make your home an ideal home. These units are available in affordable prices. Some of the entertainment units are:

Polo Black High Gloss: Koala and Tree offers Polo Balch High Gloss LCD TV to bring together your audio visual equipment. The extra wide footprint ensures you have room for even the largest TV and some additional accessories.

Sedona: Sedona is a complete home theater along with contemporary entertainment unit. This is mainly designed for the new generation plasma & LCD flat screen TVs. It adds value to the placed area and makes your home perfect.

Delta: Delta enhances your home theater with the help of floor entertainment unit. It is stylish and sturdy furniture, which offers you a luxurious touch. It also offers enough space to your flat TV and for all kind of Audio Video devices.

Simplicity: The minimal design and wooden frame makes it unique entertainment unit and a centerpiece to home theater. It offers you classic look with its simplicity.

Sota: Sota offers enough storage for keeping electronic gadgets. The surface area of sota entertainment unit offers enough space for keeping flat screen TV set. Apart from this, the drawers available in Sota also provides hidden storage place for keeping DVD collection.

Koala and tree has several varieties of entertainment unit. You can visit to the company page to have look on varieties.